Sex, from a biological perspective, is a spectrum, hence the definitions of sex and sexuality need to be reconstructed.
I explore in my project, On the Battlefield Between Sexes, the definition of sex as a spectrum through artistic works. My goal is to demonstrate that scientifically-based evidence can be used to challenge laws that perpetuate gender inequality.
I have also sought to redefine sexual identity, as the traditional labels of hetero, gay, and lesbian do not reflect current biological knowledge, which views sex as a spectrum.​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
Defining sexuality as a fetish would work better because it does not rely on sex compartments, which are artificial from a biological point of view; Sexuality could be described as an interest in body shapes.
In addition, I am an experienced photographer, specializing in portraits, nude and boudoir photography, as well as fetish-related themes. My education in art therapy informs my approach to photography as a means of fostering positive self-image and self-discovery for my subjects.
I produce also shemale-fetish art photos and videos and sex entertainment services (Shemale Namu – for over 18s only!). 
I use the word shemale instead of trans because the word trans is based on a misconception of the biology of sex; the term trans was invented at a time when sex was seen as clearly divided into male and female, with the term trans being used to mean crossing that boundary. The word 'shemale', in my opinion, beautifully describes a person with both male and female physiological characteristics. It is more clear when sex is seen as a spectrum.
I have exhibited my work in solo and group shows, and my creative output also includes a range of written material, such as articles and essays. My artistic pursuits have been supported by various funding sources, including the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Kone Foundation.​​​​​​​

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