Artwork for the newly opened Helmi Izakaya Restaurant in Tampere, 2023. The painting's concept was to create an ambience of the underwater world, reflecting the restaurant's basement location and its focus on fish and other seafood as main ingredients. I created the design, which has been successfully executed and brought to life by a painter commissioned by the restaurateur.
Designing with Art

Luonnoskuva Pasi Tammen 'Pelottavinta sinussa on minun riippuvaisuuteni' -teoksesta suurikokoisena sisustustauluna.

Creative Interior Solutions
I offer design services that utilize fine art. Artworks can be employed as decorative paintings, large-scale wallpapers, and prints on hard materials. Additionally, artworks can be created as sculptures using 3D material printing. 
I also produce affordable print products derived from fine art in collaboration with contemporary art professionals
I produce art pieces as paintings, illustrations, or other commissioned products. 
The next image is a painting based on a photograph.
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