My main subject as an artist is human sex and sexuality. I aim to reconcile the conflicting views of natural science and social gender studies and to show that we can resolve unequal laws through biological scientific arguments.
I have also sought a new way of defining sexuality because traditional definitions of sexuality (hetero, homo, lesbian) do not work in the light of current biological knowledge, where sex can be defined biologically as a spectrum.​​​​​​​
I offer wellness coaching using solution-focused art therapy methods.
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2021-2022 Volunteer at Pro-Tukipiste
2020-2022 Performing artist and sexual wellness service provider
2014- Visual arts production entrepreneur (Bohem Studio)
2009- Visual artist
2021 Solution-focused art therapy courses. Malmi Private Training, Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre Ltd.
2020 Music technology course. Palmgren College, Pori
2016-2018 Specialist qualification in product development, Rastor Oy.
2005-2009 Visual artist, Art School Maa, Helsinki. 2008, Poznan Art Academy, an exchange student.
2003-2004 Fundamentals of Medicine, University of Turku, Finland
2003-2004 Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, Bauhui Ry, Helsinki
2001-2002 Basics of Graphic Design, Southwest Finland Folk High School
1999-2001 Studies in Product Development and Design, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland
1997 Restaurant chef, Pori Hotel and Restaurant College
Painting (oil and acrylic)
Digital image design and printing (Photoshop, Lightroom, vector graphics, fine art printing, large format printing, ceramic glass printing)
Sculpture (bronze sculptures, VR-assisted 3D modelling, Rhinoceros)
Video production (documentary film Changemakers, 45 min, 2004 and several video productions as a visual artist.)
Animation in 2D and 3D (I have used visual programming tools such as Vuo and Pure Data, for artistic works)
I produce affordable, high-quality print products for private and corporate clients in collaboration with contemporary art professionals.
I offer product development, user interface design and programming services as a freelancer:
3D design (Rhinocheros, Blender)
Web programming (HTML, CSS, Bubble, Outsystems)
Programming and 3D animation (Vuo.org, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Python)
Neural Networks and Machine Vision (Wolfram)
2020– Shemale Porn Art, an ongoing project about sex and sexuality. Published works of video and photo art at Onlyfans  (https://onlyfans.com/shemale-namu).
2020 Pienenpieni Fanfaari, published on music streaming services
2017 Community artwork 100 and one sexualities (published online, www.sukupuolisuus.fi)
2017 PANDATE - OUT-OF-BOX DATING, an experimental dating site without gender and sexuality compartmentalisation. Published as a web application 2017-2018
2017 Essays on Gender 1, Susa Tyrniluoto, Bohem Print (self-published)
2014 Performance in the collective performance 'Millai muute, Katveessa Salatun Planeetan Katveessa', Pori Radiotalo
2014 Performance in group work, at the exhibition opening of T.E.H.D.A.S. Live&Dead Art, Pori Art Museum
2013 Performance in Physical Comedy Theatre, 2013. Gallery 3h+k
2010 Colours of the skin, a solo exhibition on the theme of the spectrum of sex. Pispala Contemporary Art Centre, Tampere, Finland
2009 Group exhibition Play, Maa-Tila Gallery, Helsinki - Susa plays boy and girl, drawings and installation works on gender change
2008 Biennale Mediations, Poznan, Poland. Graphic work Transcendentalization
2008 Group exhibition Partycypacja, Poznan, Poland. Performance art I AM HUNGRY, 20 min
2008 Curator in the workgroup and artist in the group exhibition Marry the Bear - Finnish Art Preview. Gallery ON, Poznań, Poland. Video work Butterfly Rally. 3:25 min, loop
2008 Group exhibition 'Art must be beautiful...', Gallery Słodownia, Poznań, Poland. Collaborative work Clean Loop (video 30 min) with Tobias Winterhagen.
2007 Life Separates Us, Maa-Tila Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. Media art work, working group Inka Jurvanen, Ilpo Jääskeläinen, Susa Tyrniluoto
2007 Prison, Performance Art, Gallery Majakka, Helsinki, 2007. 20 min
2006 Performance at the La-Bás, Gallery Maa-Tila. 20 min
2005 War and Love, Performance art evening, Gallery Maa-Tila, Helsinki, Finland, 30 min.
2018 Valtio ei voi määrätä sukupuoltani, QX Online Magazine
2017 Essays on Gender, From Gender to Sexuality, Susa Tyrniluoto, Bohem Print (self-published).
2017 Sukupuolilokeroiden illuusio, Kone Foundation blog publication
Several articles in newspapers (in Finnish, Helsingin Sanomat, Satakunnan Kansa)
2017 On the Battlefield of Sexes, at the University of Turku, Pori Unit's Gender Studies and Cultural Heritage course 22.11.2017
2022 Arts Promotion Centre, 4 200 €
2021 Arts Promotion Centre, 10 000 €
2018 Arts Promotion Centre, 3 000 €
2017 Kone Foundation, 39 000 €
2015 AVEK Crema, Kuvita Print Art (now Bohem Studio), for the production of visual art for architectural projects, 10 000 €
Fashion design
Chinese traditional medicine

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