In my work, I have set aside the typical notion in academic research of separate biological (sex) and social (gender) sexes. Read more on my article On The Battlefield Between Sexes.
Sexuality is a fetish!
I have been looking for a better definition of sex and sexuality because, as an intersex person, I have always had difficulties fitting into gender or sexuality categories. I found that the standard definition of sex and sexualities is just wrong; Sexuality is a fetish!
Many people, especially in gay and lesbian communities, have rejected the idea of bisexuality; Many believe that humans are straight or gay. However, some scientific studies have proved that bisexual attraction is natural because some people seem to respond equally strongly to the sexual imagery of both female and male people.
More interestingly, every person seems to respond at least some arousal reactions to sexual images of both female and male bodies, so it is reasonable to ask whether everyone is more or less bisexual.
If we look at biological sex as a spectrum, everyone is bisexual because the line between males and females is open to interpretation. – No human is 100% female or male!
Andrew B. Barron and Brian Hare wrote in the article Prosociality and a Sociosexual Hypothesis for the Evolution of Same-Sex Attraction in Humans, comparing humans and our close relatives, bonobos. - Bonobos are known to have sex to mediate conflict. Sex can also strengthen social relationships. In their article, Barren and Hare consider whether bisexuality could play an important evolutionary role by enabling stronger social communities.
Prosocial individuals would have more readily accessed the fitness benefits of cooperative group living (Hare, 2017), and would have gained both greater reproductive success and social mobility (Bowles and Gintis, 2013).
Prosociality and a Sociosexual Hypothesis for the Evolution of Same-Sex Attraction in Humans
I am intrigued by whether bisexuality could have been the key to the superior evolutionary development of the human species if it had helped build social relationships so that we could build stable communities!
Either way, human sexuality appears much more complex than the sex boxes suggest defining it. I have therefore been looking for better ways of expressing sexuality. 
Finnish PhD researcher Jarkko Oraharju has considered that sex is a fetish instead of a desire towards gender boxes. I do agree!
We are always attracted to traits rather than gender boxes. Therefore, it would be more meaningful to define sexuality as an interest in femininity, masculinity, body parts, or any features rather than divided physiological sex.
I wrote earlier that I define myself as a feminine human with female- and male-typical physical characteristics. I would describe my sexuality as mainly oriented towards masculine bodies and expression, although I am more attracted to people with feminine than masculine identities.
How would you define your sex and sexuality? - Do you interpret your feelings towards others according to their sex(gender), or can you see through the sex box?
Without gender and sexuality categories, we would be free from the expectations and demands placed on women and men.
No one is 100% female or male biologically, so we are asking an unreasonable amount of ourselves if we want to fill such a compartment. Similarly, sexuality is a much more complex issue than just an interest in sexual boxes.
Susa Tyrniluoto

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