The central theme of my professional career has been individual well-being and social equality. 
As a visual artist, I have primarily dealt with issues of gender and sexuality, which I see as crucial in building an egalitarian society. 
I work in the field of applied arts as a photographer and interior designer. I also design and lead artistic exercises that support well-being and creativity. 
In addition, I operate as an entrepreneur in the wellness industry.
Visual Artist

From the work "100 and One Genders," where participants defined their experience of femininity and masculinity on a 0–100 numerical scale.

As an artist, I have primarily focused on the subjects of sex/gender and sexuality.
Through my project "On The Battlefield Between Sexes," I have sought a way to define gender that would reconcile the conflicting views of natural science and social science gender studies. My goal is also to demonstrate that sex/gender-unequal laws can be challenged with scientific arguments.
The accompanying image is from the work "100 and One Sex-Gender Variations," where participants define their own experience of femininity and masculinity playfully on a 0–100 scale. I wanted to show how few people define themselves as 100% female or male.
My aim is to also redefine sexuality.
Traditional definitions of sexuality (hetero, homo, lesbian) are not sustainable in the light of current biological knowledge, as gender is seen in biology as a spectrum rather than boxes.
I define sexuality not based on boxes but rather as a fetish—interest in, for example, masculinity, femininity, or different body parts. This allows for a more precise description of sexuality than what vague gender-box-focused expressions can define.

Kinky-themed shoot with Alise & Elmeri


Portrait shoot in the studio with Aino Veijalainen

I have mainly focused on portrait photography. 
I am interested especially in nude, boudoir, and fetish-themed portraits, as they relate to the themes I explore as an artist.
I have also studied art therapy, which influences my approach to photography. I believe that photography can reveal beautiful aspects of oneself that are hard to see just by looking in the mirror.
I also do event photography, like sports competitions, for example.
Art Consultant

Sketch of the artwork design I made for a restaurant space, 2023

As an art consultant, I offer design and production services for visual artworks. 
I produce works such as wall murals and print products (2D and 3D prints). I also produce works such as photographs, videos, or programmed moving images. 
Artistic works can be used to create comfort and style both indoors and in the surroundings of buildings.
I also offer guidance in artistic exercises that support creativity and well-being.
I have developed artistic exercises suitable for individual work, group guidance, and coaching.
The exercises are suitable for supporting motivation, strengthening self-esteem, processing emotions, and building relationships.
I offer creativity-supporting exercises to work communities, which can increase productivity and thus business profitability.

Example image of a mask, which can be developed in my "Mask of Sorrow" workshop.

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