Breaking Free from a Painful Relationship, 2023
Breaking Free from a Painful Relationship, 2023
Stomach Cramps, 2023
Stomach Cramps, 2023
The Lion, 2023
The Lion, 2023
Portraits of the Soul
Exploring the Collective Unconscious through Drawings
I have drawn images that emerged during meditation of people whose only information I had was their first names. The subjects of these drawings have shared that the artworks touched and depicted aspects of their lives remarkably, prompting me to offer drawing as a therapeutic service, now named Soul Portrait Drawing.
Soul Portrait drawings challenge the boundaries of science, as it is not conventionally believed that information can be transmitted telepathically. However, through the act of drawing, I have learned that these images have conveyed meaningful aspects of the recipients' lives. Below, I present a few of my drawings in more detail.
These images prompt us to question the nature of consciousness! Is there a collective consciousness that we can connect with, perhaps during meditation? Did consciousness exist, according to idealistic views, before material existence? Does all matter possess consciousness, as suggested in panpsychist metaphysics?
Soul Portrait -exhibitions: 
- January 2024, Old Church in Tampere, Finland. 
The Shadow of Ex
While drawing a picture for Anu, an image came to my mind of a person whose face is violently gripped. 
I sent the drawing to her, after which she revealed that she had recently ended a relationship where the other party had been aggressive. Anu shared that the relationship had felt just as suffocating as the image appears.
Stomach Cramps
While drawing a picture depicting Marjaana's situation, I experienced a strong sensation of pain in the abdominal area – as if there was a stone in the stomach. 
After sharing the drawing, I learned that Marjaana had been suffering from stomach pain for several years.
While drawing a picture depicting Merja's situation, a very intricate scenario came to my mind, resembling a labyrinth. In the image, a person seemed to navigate through a sea of fire, with tightly clenched fists appearing as well. 
After presenting the drawing, I learned that Merja was involved in a challenging legal proceeding where the custody of her child was at stake.
The Weight of Everyday Life
While drawing a picture for Henrik, I felt a weight and cramping between the shoulder blades. An image came to mind of a person crumpled under a heavy burden. 
After sharing the drawing with Henrik, he confirmed that I had captured his feelings perfectly!
Breaking Free from a Painful Relationship
As I was drawing an image of Eve's situation, a figure emerged in my mind, seemingly screaming. 
After sending the picture, I heard that Eve had ended a relationship, which made the drawing vividly represent her situation. Niina also mentioned that she had a sore throat that same morning, adding to the drawing's impact. Additionally, I learned that blue had been her favorite color since childhood!
Memories and Meanings: From Childhood to Adulthood
The next two drawings were made based on the same person's two different names; the first image was made by his childhood name (purple coloured pencil) and the second was about his adulthood (yellow).
After sending the drawings, I received the following response. I had mentioned in the note accompanying the second drawing that it felt like the recipient might have tinnitus:
"Yes, that does reflect my life. I often used to watch birds and grow flowers as well as other plants with my grandma. I played soccer in the little guys' league as a kid."
"I can't make a sound with a trumpet, but I do have tinnitus in both ears. Sunsets have certainly been an important part of trips with Anne. 😀
The Mystery of Consciousness
Many Finns report believing in phenomena not accepted as possible by the scientific community. For instance, Heikki Ervast's 2006 study showed that 36.6% of Finns agree or somewhat agree with the statement 'Telepathy is a real phenomenon, although it has not been scientifically verified.' 
Similar beliefs are found in various religions. Jäger Willigis, a Catholic priest and Zen master trained in Japan, states in his book Die Welle ist das Meer (Kreuz Verlag in der Verlagsgruppe Dornier GmbH, 2008) that he believes our consciousness is constantly connected to the consciousness of the entire universe. 
The concept of telepathic information transfer is also familiar to many physicists; Rupert Sheldrake, for example, discusses in his article 'A Dog That Seems to Know When His Owner Is Coming Home' experiments showing dogs spending significantly more time near a window when their owner is about to return. 
Mystical experiences have also periodically surfaced in art. I am continuing to explore mystical experiences with this project.
You can order a drawing for yourself at the price of 290 euros + postage by contacting me via email at or using the form below. 
The price includes a 24% value-added tax (VAT). I will not publish the drawings in my portfolio without your consent.
Kiitos! Vastaan pian!

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