The 'Capital' sculpture depicts the positive and negative aspects of capitalism. 
On one hand, capitalism has created unprecedented wealth, but on the other hand, its uncontrolled growth has led to challenging problems such as the loss of biodiversity and abrupt climate change. 
The piece is designed to be printed as a metal print in the size of 3 m x 4 m x 2 m.
Self-Portrait as a Chimera
2023, Size: 37 mm x 38 mm x 60 mm
Self-Portrait as a Chimera is a 3D-printed sculpture depicting a chimeric figure. The concept for the piece emerged from research suggesting that chimerism might explain the experience of gender dysphoria, as well as the spectrum of sexuality.
In medicine, chimerism refers to an individual possessing the genetic material of two different embryos. Chimerism can occur, for instance, if one embryo in a twin pregnancy dies and merges with the other, resulting in a person with two sets of genetic material, including in terms of sex chromosomes. This can lead to intersex development.
In various mythological traditions, the chimera is described as a fire-breathing monster with parts from a lion, a goat, and a serpent. There are also other versions of the chimera, but what they have in common is the amalgamation of different animal species.

Only one of them survived
Competition entry for the Border Guard's art competition 2022 (not selected for implementation).
The human figures and the wolf in the work are designed to be produced as life-sized bronze castings.

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